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Friday, March 23, 2012

6 Ways to Stick to Your Diet

So many have us have tried and tried again, we keep starting, and then we binge and then we try again.  It's just an endless cycle.  We know that once we start dieting that we will just inevitably stop.  Let's face it dieting just isn't fun.  You can't drink, no more mickey D's, and no more snacking on chips when you watch TV.  But dieting  is super good for you and it will help you reach your desired fitness goals.  So for those of us who do decide to take the plunge here are six tips that can help you beat that bulge.

1. Chew Gum (and lots of it).
Chewing gum especially cinnamon gum helps suppress the appetite.  Also it helps prevent shameless snacking, because if you already have gum in your mouth you are less likely to mindlessly grab some chips.  In addition gum can help satisfy you if your craving something sweet.

2.  Eat cheat meals
Dieting doesn't have to be an endless marathon where you never eat what you want.  Let's say that we eat 5 meals a day.  A meal is not necessarily a sit down meal, it could be you grabbing an apple on the way to work.  So any snacking we will consider a meal as well.  If you add that up that is 35 meals per week.  Now if you have 35 meals per week you can use the 90: 10 rule.  If 90% of your meals are healthy you can eat 10% what you want.  This can help you satisfy your sweet tooth, without going on a 3 day binge only to regain what you worked so hard to lose.

3. Put hot sauce on stuff
While sometimes diet foods aren't always the best tasting and are a little bland, most hot sauces are 0 calories, and the spiciness helps to suppress your appetite a little bit.  So don't be shy and go heavy on the hot sauce.

4. Keep Busy
When you are sitting at home looking at the computer or just mindlessly watch TV a lot of us have the tendency just to eat out of boredom.  However, if you are busy working on a project, or doing a hobby that you really love, you might just forget about eating all together.  While I don't advocate starving yourself during a diet, if you keep busy you might just forget that you are on a diet all together.

5.  Eat TONS of vegetables
Vegetables like mushrooms, carrots,  cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, etc.  are all mostly water.  It is possible to eat a plate full of vegetables with under a 100 calories.  You literally can not eat too many vegetables.  If you are hungry can some asparagus.  You won't eat too much, you can stuff your face with steamed broccoli, and you may get full but you will not overeat.  Since most vegetables contain mostly fiber and water, you get the full sensation, with all the vitamins just with almost none of the calories.

6. Take pictures of your progress
Let's face it you look at yourself every day in the mirror.  You don't necessarily notice when you are changing or not, however when you take pictures of your self on a weekly basis, you WILL start seeing results, and when you look at those pictures it will give you the motivation to keep on going, because you will be able to see how much you have accomplished.


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